All About Dog Obedience

Dog Evaluations

Our dog evaluations are highly recommended if you wish to start obedience classes with us! We love a chance to meet with you and your dog so that we can best match them into the right group class, or arrange private sessions for you.

Our evaluations are $50 and if you sign up for any classes with us, half of this cost is deducted from your class fees.  

Sometimes what we discuss over the phone is different to when we actually meet your dog in person. It can be difficult to exactly describe your dog's behaviors, and a lot of the time they can me misinterpreted. We want to make sure your dog is placed in the correct class and that we get a good idea of what level of training your dog will require.

Our evaluations take place at our facility, we have found we see the best idea of your dog's behavior when they are on neutral ground.